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October 2017

For the second month running I'm updating the site whilst in France - though I have been home between updates. Last month we were in Tours, this month we're in Limoges. Last month was a holiday with a little house-hunting. This month its all about house-hunting and we've seen six great properties - and one not so great. The trouble is they all have their pros and cons so choosing between them is hard - and, to be honest, we're not sure any of them are 'the one', At the very least, though, the visit has confirmed for us that we really are interested in buying a place over here  So, one way or another, this isn't likely to be the last update from France.

On the wargaming front I'm continuing to paint and base the first of my two 15mm Ancient Greek armies. I'm now based in Leeds during the working week and so took the opportunity to visit the local wargaming club - a friendly bunch who I suspect I'll be visiting again. They, and I, are also visiting Derby Worlds wargames convention this weekend. It is occurring near Lutterworth in Leicestershire (despite its name) and so is only a few miles from me - or will be once I've flown home today.

I've also done some additional 'maintenance' work on the rules for Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross as we get ready for production. And am trying to encourage the playtesters to make one last push to complete the testing and get play balance as we'd want it.

See you in November.

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