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GMT's Gamebox Creation Policy

Whilst supporting the creation of Cyberboard gameboxes of our titles, we want to make sure we have two things:

  • A signed copy of our CB/Vassal Agreement on file (return via e-mail is fine. Mail to: GMT Games).
  • A copy of the gamebox (mailed to Bill Topritzhofer - who does all the management of our Vassal/CB pages on the GMT website) and any updates as you make them before you post them elsewhere on the web. We're not trying to keep the files from other sites here AT ALL. Rather, we want to make sure that our customers can always find the latest versions of ALL the files all in one place on our website.

GMT Opens Voice Server for Free Customer Use

As part of their continuing commitment to helping players enjoy their games via online play, GMT are making the GMT Ventrilo Voice Server available to all of their customers for FREE, to augment your online game play, effective immediately. Gene explains how it works:

We hope you guys will find this a useful additional tool in enjoying your online play. As we've tested the system recently, customer feedback has been excellent regarding the sound quality and ease of use of our Ventrilo Voice server, especially for multi-player gaming.

Note that our voice server can be used to augment play of any online gaming - Cyberboard, Sun Tzu, Vassal, ADC, etc. Ventrilo just provides the voice conferencing component, while taking up very few system resources. We generally use Vassal with Ventrilo in our live online sessions, but that is because of Vassal's live "Synchronization" feature - which allows all attendees to synch up with what is on the leader's Vassal screen and follow his moves visually in real time as well.

Over the coming weeks, we will also be providing more - and more varied - online live events via the GMT Ventrilo Voice Server. Sometimes in concert with Vassal, sometimes just with audio conferencing, these will be opportunities for teaching games, showing details of upcoming games, holding seminars by various designers and company insiders, and Q & A sessions that offer real-time access to many of the GMT insiders. We're looking forward to enhancing our communications with our customers and bettering our teaching of and support for our games via this venue.

How to access the GMT Ventrilo Voice Server

1. Go to and download the client software (from leftside menu) (PC or Mac). Once you have it on your desktop....

2. Open Ventrilo

3. Input your Setup Information. Ventrilo will open to a screen that has three blanks at the top. You only need to fill in the top two areas USERNAME and SERVER - BINDINGS can stay blank. To fill in an area, hit the right arrow to the right of the blank.

For USER NAME, pick any name you want - but please use your real names so we can know who is using the service. Click OK when finished.

For the SERVER, you need to enter the following info:

Server: GMT Games Voice Server

Hostname or IP:

Port #: 4921

Password (case sensitive): GMTVoice09

(Default Channel) can stay blank

Then hit OK.

Note that Ventrilo saves all that info you entered above and that the server and password entry is a one-time thing. On subsequent visits, just open Ventrilo, press Connect, and you're in. Back at the main Ventrilo Screen, press CONNECT once all that is filled in.

You should go into a screen that says "GMT Voice Server" at the top with several "channels" underneath. Each channel restricts conversation to just the users in that channel, so it works great for two-player games, multi-player games, conference calls, or just voice chat. Just click a channel name to enter that channel. Numbered Rooms are provided for game play. Just press the "left control" key to talk.

Once you are connected to the server, if you have any trouble with your microphone, you can click the "Setup" button at right to modify your Input, Output, volume control, etc. Note that using speakers when speaking over any VOIP program can cause echoes and other feedback and lead your gaming partner to want to mercilessly crush you! :-) For an environment like Fields of Fire 101 where someone else is doing the majority of the talking, it's not a big deal, but if you are using our server to play your online games or touch base by voice with your gaming buddies (and you're welcome to do that), then headphones and mike are definitely preferred.

If you have any problems with using the server, please feel free to contact Gene either on the server (user GMT Gene) or via e-mail at

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