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At the start of 2014, after more than 10 years of supporting the wargaming community, LYG had it's first major technical failure. We lost the server's hard-drive, external drive and our router - all of which cost money.

18-months later and we were hit with a virus that, despite repeated efforts, we just could not eradicate; a server re-build was in the offing. Instead we took the decision to cut our losses and move to a professionally hosted platform - more expense.

As a result of this we're asking for you to consider making a small donation each time you download a game. We don't hold annual drives but we hope you can show your support.

If you could 'Donate a Pound a Pop' that would be splendid. If you are unable to donate at this time, then please don't let this stop you enjoying the site - there's always your next visit.

Those who donate £25  will be listed as a patron of the site.

Patrons receive a 5% discount in the LYG Shop - just ask for the discount when placing your order.

At least half of all donations will go to Natasha (our site admin who has spend hundreds of hours on the site for her dad; she doesn't even like wargaming).

Andy & Natasha

LYG Patrons

People support LYG in many ways;  submitting files, sponsoring the site or by making donations.

Those listed below have generously donated £25 or more are classed as our patrons.

  • Scott Abrams
  • James Anderson
  • Robert Appleyard
  • John Bowen
  • Douglas Dungan
  • Roger Eastep
  • Rob Franz
  • Giuseppe Gessa
  • Russel Gifford
  • Timothy Greene
  • Marco Gnagnetti
  • Al Hay
  • Neil MacNeil
  • Paulo Migliacci
  • Adam Niechwiej
  • Ken Nied
  • Edward Pundyk
  • John Rainey
  • Alan Rothberg
  • Simon Prior
  • Timothy Smith
  • Shane Stahl
  • Craig Thompson
  • Dick Whitaker

Patrons get a 5% discount in the LYG Shop

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