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April 2015

It is always a delight to welcome a new sponsor and this month we have two! VentoNuovo Games and Hexasim.

VentoNuovo Games. I'll be honest, this was a company I didn't think I knew of - but I then found I did know of their games (Blocks in the East, Blocks in the West and Blocks in Africa - their series of WWII strategic block wargames). These games have been well received and we're glad to be doing our little bit to bring the company to wider attention - especially as they support e-gaming.

Hexasim logo

Hexasim have produced many highly acclaimed games many of which, from this month, we're delighted to host.

We first started talking to both Emanuele of VentoNuovo and Christophe at Hexasim, regarding his prospective sponsoring of our sister site That site has really grown since we announced it here last month. And it will continue to grow as content is added. We think it is unique in providing 'self-guided' tours of all four 1815 battlefields illustrated, in part, by extracts from different wargames on the subject. Please take a look, subscribe, comment and spread the word.

Walking Waterloo logo

With Consimworld Expo approaching (this June) it is time to once again offer LYG Polo Shirts for sale. I'll then bring US orders to the Arizona with me for posting on to you (saving you postage) or hand deliver if you're at the Expo (saving all the postage). The shirts will also be available mailed directly from the UK.

This year I can offer not only the usual Polo but a Premium Polo, a Classic Sweatshirt and a Premium Sweatshirt as well. The usual Classic Polo remains available too.

All come with the LYG logo beautifully embroidered on the right breast.

LYG logo embroidered onto t-shirt


Details are as follows:

Andy wearing official LYG polo shirt
Classic Polo.

Classic Polo (as per photo)
180 gsm, cuffed sleeves, taped neck
Sizes: S - 3XL
Colours: Black, white, bottle green*, purple*, heather, navy, sunflower*, burgundy*, bright royal blue*, emerald green,*, red*, sky blue*, orange*, deep navy blue*
* not available in 3XL
Price: £15.00/$22.50

Premium Polo
215 gsm, cuffed sleeves, cuffed sleeves, twin striped detail on collar and cuffs
Sizes: XXS - 6XL
Colours: Black*, white, bottle green, bright royal blue, burgundy*, emerald green*, classic red*, sky blue*, orange*, french navy blue*, birch*, gold*,  bright yellow*, graphite*, light oxford*
* not available in 5XL & 6XL
Price: £16.50/$25

Classic Sweatshirt
260 gsm, converse seamed neck, shoulders, armholes and waistband.
Sizes: S - XXL
Colours: Black, white, combat khaki, bottle green, bright royal blue,  burgundy,  classic red, sky blue*, orange, french navy blue, birch
Price: £19.50/$30

Premium Sweatshirt
280 gsm, twin needle stitching, shoulder to shoulder taping.
Sizes: S - 3XL
Colours: Black, white, bottle green*, burgundy*,  red*, sky blue*, navy, deep navy* blue, sunflower*,  khaki*, heather*, steel blue*, royal blue*
* not available in 3XL
Price: £18.50/$28

If you'd like a shirt, just use the CONTACT US link at the base of the page.

Note: It is correct that the premiums are cheaper than the classic - don't ask me why.

UPDATE: I've been informed that there are now minimum order quantaties being applied. This shouldn't be a problem but does prevent me providing the other shirt images and, MOST IMPORTANTLY) means I'll only be submitting a single order (at the end of May). So get your orders in in time please.

On a more personal note, you may remember me reporting last month that I was 'between employment'. Well I'm delighted to inform you that LYG Consulting Ltd has now been incorporated with myself as Director. Despite the company name, this is an IT Consulting (software testing) company rather than a wargames company - at least for now Wink. My first contract commences on the 13 April and I'll be based on Standard Hill in Nottingham - the location at which Charles the 1st raised his standard at the start of the (English) Civil War.

Thanks as usual to the support of our visitors, sponsors, contributors and donors too.

I hope to meet many of you at this year's Waterloo bicentennial and/or at CSW Expo

T H A N K S !


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