Cyberboard is a Windows game engine, created by Dale Larson, for building and playing online adaptations of board games and wargames via Play By EMail (PBEM). Though not free-ware, it is currently free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'gameboxes'.

Cyberboard is very popular amongst wargamers for PBEM and, of all the games engines, has the greatest number of  games supported om Limey Yank Games (it was, afterall, the system that LYG was originally setup to support). Creating 'gameboxes' is more involved than for ZunTzu, but less technical than for Vassal.

Download the software from the Cyberboard website.

Private Wars provides useful documentation on creating gameboxes and playing with Cyberboard.

Title Publisher Contributor
1066 Decision Games Andy Loakes
1776 Avalon Hill Chris Fawcett, Doug Pratto
1777 Clash of Arms Edward Hoden
1809 Avalon Hill DeAngelis, Bohna
1812 Simulations Publications, Inc. Yasuto Sugano
1815 GDW Games Jim Priestaf
1861 Hoke's Run Wargame Shop Paul Kantro
1862 Front Royal Wargame Shop Paul Kantro
1914 Avalon Hill Ken Komisarek, Chris Fawcett, Sam Hart
1914: Twilight in the East GMT Games Peter Bennett
1918 Decision Games Noel Wright
1918 Simulations Publications, Inc. Skip Franklin, Mark Simonitch
1918: Storm in the West XTR Corp Yasuto Sugano, Mark Hatfield
1st Newbury TCS Games Craig Thompson
2nd Boer War Decision Games Howard Divins
2nd Fleet Victory Games Glen Rowley
2nd Fleet: Original settings Victory Games Glen Rowley, Boucher
3rd Fleet Victory Games Jed Woodill
5th Fleet Victory Games Glen Rowley, Davis
6th Fleet Victory Games Glen Rowley
7 Ages Australian Design Group Bill Koens
7 Days of 1809 Operational Studies Group Jim Anderson
7 Years World War Decision Games Noel Wright
7th Fleet Victory Games Jed Woodill
A Dark & Bloody Ground Against the Odds Joe Bollettieri, Knut Gruenitz
A Fatal Attraction Against the Odds Daryl Anderson
A Gleam of Bayonets TSR Greg Laubach
A House Divided GDW Games David Dabbs
A Splendid Little War Khyber Pass Games Bob Lecuyer, Andy Loakes
A Victory Lost Multi-Man Publishing Michael Mandelberg
Abensburg Eckmuhl TSR Mal Atherton
Acre 1191 Simulations Publications, Inc. Pablo Martin
Across the Piave Microgame Design Group Daryl Anderson
Across The Potomac XTR Corp Mark Hatfield
Adowa ACIES Edizioni Pierre Bulle
Advanced Third Reich Avalon Hill Jack Brown
Aegean Strike Victory Games Justin Rice
Aerotech FASA Paul Kantro
Afrika Multi-Man Publishing Edmund Hon
Afrika II Multi-Man Publishing Michael Mandelberg
Afrika Korps Avalon Hill Paul Pawlak
Afrika Korps Avalon Hill Shin Obara, Sam Hart
After The Holocaust Simulations Publications, Inc. Chris Fawcett, Chris Dodd
Against the Reich West End Games Paul Loong
Age of Napoleon Phalanx Games Michael Mandelberg
Age of Napoleon Phalanx Games Milton Soong
Agincourt Simulations Publications, Inc. Hay Quarles
Air Assault on Crete Avalon Hill Howard Divins
Air Bridge to Victory GMT Games Christer Karlsson
Air Bridge to Victory GMT Games Randy Lein


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Thanks Jerry; now fixed 
Thanks Jerry; now fixed
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