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February, 2015

Had thought that the submissions for February had been a little slow but, having just prepared the site, I see that in truth we have a nice number of new files and updates - and I found some previously unpublished (heaven knows why) content..

Exciting times for me personally. I leave employment for the first time in my working life at the end of this month to become a freelance contractor - a nervous time for sure. My wife is suggesting I should slow/stop my game purchases until I've secured my first contract; I guess she's right. She also quizzed me about whether I knew I was going to resign before I bought my air ticked for CSWE this summer. Wish me luck - or better still, offer me a contract (I'm a Head of Testing/Test Manager (IT) BTW).

Well, if I do have some time on my hands I should at least be able to progress my latest design project - Malta, 1565. Research is progressing well and it would be great to take a proto-type with me to CSWE.

Thanks as usual to the support of  our visitors, sponsors, contributors and donors too.

I hope to meet many of you at this year's Waterloo bicentennial and/or at CSW Expo

T H A N K S !


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