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April 2014

I want to start again by thanking each of you that have made a donation to help support the site. Natasha and I are grateful and humbled. Every donation - and I genuinely mean every donation, no matter how large or small - makes us realise that our efforts are genuinely appreciated. The fact that you're under no obligation to contribute makes it even more rewarding when you do.
Thank You!
A number of the donations have been very generous and this month we have added to our patrons list (those that have donated $25 or more) - additional thanks to you guys.
Registrations have seen a new lease of life which is very welcome; if you've not done so yet then please use the 'Register' feature at the top of the screen to do so - and remember to include a brief gaming bio so we know you're real.
I need just 64 more pre-orders Toulon. This will be the first game designed by LYG and will be published by Legion Wargames.  The game is also featured on BGG.

Toulon Box Cover

Toulon 1793

The image above is of early playtest components.

Andy Loakes in a Limey Yank Games tshirtConsimworld Expo is only a month away and I'll be there with Toulon available to anyone that fancies joining in a game - or just pop over and say hello.

Interest has already been expressed in LYG polo-shirts so I'll be having more made and will bring them over (saving on shipping). If you are interested drop me a line and we can discuss colour and sizing. They'll cost £15 (c.$25).

Anyone not attending the Expo that would like a shirt can also purchase them with shipping at cost.

Toulon 1793

I need to have all orders no later than May 1st.

They come in the following sizes/colours:

3XL: Black, White, Heather, Navy
S - 2XL: As above plus - Bottle Green, Purple, Sunflower, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Red, Sky, Orange, Deep Navy Blue


My thanks as always to our visitors, sponsors, contributors and now donors too.


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LYG Patrons

People support LYG in many ways;  submitting files, sponsoring the site or by making donations.

Those listed below have generously donated $25 or more are classed as our patrons.

  • James Anderson
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